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AirGateway 2,4Ghz 802.11n
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AirGateway 2,4Ghz 802.11n

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Категория: Ubiquiti Devices

Производител: Ubiquiti Networks

The airGateway is an affordable product with a compact form factor. It simultaneously connects indoor client devices and powers the outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).
The new airGateway is the easiest way to add indoor Wi-Fi capability to airMAX CPE deployments. airGateway provides 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and interlocks with existing PoE adapters, so there is a single power source for the CPE and airGateway devices.
The airGateway can operate in any of these network modes to meet the needs of your network:
• SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Router
• Router
• Bridge
The airGateway supports these wireless modes to fulfill your wireless requirements:
• Access Point mode to function as the center of your wireless network
• Station mode to extend your wireless network
The airGateway is compatible with Ubiquiti PoE Adapters featuring 24V, 0.5A or 15V, 0.3A.
The airGateway provides an additional ±24kV of Ethernet isolation for built-in protection that lessens the risk of ESD or surge damage to your devices.
SpecificationOperation mode AP, Router, Bridge
Frequence (GHz) 2.4
Transmission speed (Mbps) 150
Chipset Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400 MHz
Max. output power (dBm) 18
Encryption FCC, CE, IC
LAN port 2 x RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Default IP
Default name ubnt
Default password ubnt
Height (mm) 30
Width (mm) 54
Depth (mm) 44
Powering min (PoE) (V) 15
Powering max (PoE) (V) 24
Min. operating temperature (°C) -10
Max. operating temperature (°C) 60

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Ubiquiti Networks
Ubiquiti Networks
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